At benito’s we ensure a quality product by not including any

preservatives or additives!

That means no:

- Salt/SODIUM of any kind

- High Fructose Corn Syrup

- Corn starch

- xanthAN gum

- guar gum

- pepper mash

- ADDED SUGAR of any kind

- artificial Preservatives

- Non organic chili peppers

- Liquid smoke or artificial flavors of any kind

In Addition:

- 100 % of the organic chili peppers we use in our sauces are

   grown right here in Vermont by local farmers!

-all of our sauces and syrups are gluten free, sodium free,

  PeaNUT and tree nut free, and fat free.

- All of our maple products (infused maple syrups and Maple Chipotle Barbecue rubs) are 100% organic     containing nothing but pure vermont maple sugar/syrup and locally grown ORGANIC chile peppers

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