Poto Rojo

HOT!!! Attention Chile Heads!!! This is our hottest sauce to date! It is made with Carolina Reaper Chile Peppers (World’s Hottest According to the Guinness Book of World Records 2014). I chose to blend the reapers with certified organic California blood orange juice, fresh onions, carrots and sweet peppers. The result is a three second burst of flavor backed up by a steadily escalating heat. No, it’s not a one drop extract sauce…but it’s hot as hell to say the least! Enjoy!

Local Tang

HOT! 1st Place Winner at the 2013 Hot Pepper Awards in NYC!!!  The local Tang is a fresh blend of organic fatali, rocotillo, and paper lantern peppers. I also add fresh onions , garlic and carrots to give this 3 chile blend a solid amount of death. This sauce is highly addictive! It has a sensational fresh vegetable flavor without the sodium, gums and starches of course!


Ultimate Gift Pack

Give some hot love to all the special folks in your life this holiday season!!! This mega gift pack includes one of each of our six all natural/organic hot sauces, our Scovie award winning Vermont Maple Chipotle Dry Rub as well as our habanero and our chipotle infused maple syrups. You also get a 4 oz jar jam packed with dried organic ghost peppers. This is the essential assortment of our award winning line of hot sauce and BBQ products! You also have to option of choosing any ten items of your choice. Simply send an email with your choices to benitoshotsauce@gmail.com (immediately after you make your purchase) or call 802- 730- 6823. You are permitted to get a maximum of five of the infused maple syrups with the ultimate gift pack. Enjoy! – Ol’ Benito

Vermont Maple Gift Pack

Our Vermont Maple Gift Pack includes both of our award winning chile pepper infused maple syrups as well as two of our pure vermont maple sugar based bbq rubs (The Chipotle Maple and the Maple Cinnamon Cayenne). Our sauces and syrups are 100% organic containing only organic maple syrup/maple sugar and organic chile peppers and spices (chipotle, habanero, cayenne, and cinnamon).


Five of our all natural hot sauces made by hand by Benito in Vermont! All of our sauces contain organically grown Vermont chile peppers! Please email your five choices to benitoshotsauce@gmail.com . You can mix and match any of the 5 hot sauces. This five pack does not include our maple products  🙁     Enjoy!

Habanero Infused Maple Syrup

HOT- 2012 WINNER FIERY FOODS CHALLENGE (Irving,TX)- 2013 WINNER SCOVIE AWARDS (Albuquerque, NM). This is a sensational pairing of sweet and heat with a rich maple taste.The syrup is a Pure Vermont Grade B. I chose to use Grade B because it is has the richest maple flavor. This product can be used just like regular maple syrup or as a spicy dessert sauce, with steamed squash or carrots, and also as a glaze for ribs,chops chicken or beef! This is a perfect cooking grade syrup as well….Enjoy.- Ol’ Benito