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Habanero Peppers

      For a very long time, habanero peppers were thought to be the hottest peppers on Earth. Habaneros range from about 100,000 to 500,000 on the Scoville heat index. Orange habaneros are the most common variety, and are usually available at your local grocer when they are in season. When you bite into a freshly picked habanero pepper, you are instantly hit with what feels like a concentrated rush of capsaicin. The oils of the habanero are very potent and will
even irritate your skin if it comes into contact.


     The name habanero has an obvious Cuban connotation (Habana or Havana). However,it is widely accepted that the strain originated somewhere in South America or Meso-America. At Central Farms,we have grown red savinas, chocolate habaneros, orange habaneros, golden habaneros, as well as green habaneros. Since the habanero plant requires a rather long growing season, we supplement our yield with shipments of fresh organic orange habaneros from the American Southwest. The great thing about habaneros is that one pod can go a long way. Whether fresh or dried, you only need a bit to spice up any meal.

      At Benito’s Hot Sauce, we currently use 100% organic orange habaneros in our Original Naranja and Mango Habanero as well as our White Hot (aka Guido Killer). So obviously, these three sauces are much hotter than the other two. The Naranja is what started it all, perhaps the most fresh tasting multipurpose hot sauce on the market today. Our Mango Habanero is a classic, organically inspired balance of sweet and heat. And the White Hot is probably the closest one can get to a flavorful habanero extract without using any artificial flavoring or synthesized capsaicin based additives.

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  1. Yeni on September 20, 2015 at 11:05 am

    That’s Dr. Bloom sinayg that!Actually he’s sinayg that a species which (in general) enjoys hot spicy food has a greater ability to reason than a species that doesn’t. Individuals decide if they enjoy the gastronomic thrill ride or not, but as humans we all have the ability to understand that choice. Other mammals seem to just react to their sense’s warnings and stop eating.

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