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Jersey Boyz Jerky- Review of Joe’s #1 Jalapa and Old Bricktucky Cayenne


By Jerseyboyzjerky 



IngredientsRoma Tomatoes,Garlic,Onions,Lime Juice,White Vinegar,Chyenne Peppers,Cimamon.Paprika

This was my favorite of the two. As you can see from the picture, the fresh Roma Tomatoes Followed by the Vinegar and the lime juice was a winning combo.This sauce has a very strong vinegar taste that leaves you mouth wanting more.The Tomatoes and the Vinegar combined with the lime juice make the sauce very very Runny.We were having Ribs done in a slow cooker for dinner so i was interested in seeing how this sauce does over ribs and rice.This sauce added just the righ amount of vinegar and flavoring to these ribs.Although you can taste the Chyenne pepper there is not much heat in this sauce at all.

*********Mixed well wih the rice***************


Ingredients…Jalapeno Peppers,Habanero seed,Cubanelle Peppersgarlic,Carrots,Cilantro.Lime Juice,Vinegar,EVOO(Extra Virgin Olive Oil).Spring Water.

As like the first sauce, there is alot of vinegar in this one.You can taste the Jalapenos and the lime juice but the strong taste of vinegar hits you right away.There are little shredds of Peppers in there to add a nice burn to the sauce.I need another bowl of ribs and rice like i needed a hole in my head but i had to take one for the team.This sauce poured out much slower than the first…I feel that this sauce had much more of a vinegar taste to it than the first but when all is said and done this sauce added the the flavor of the ribs and rice.

Labels….I have to say the Guys at Benitos have there own idea of how a hot sauce label should look.The graphics alone are enough to makes you want to pick these bottles up.




Boys make one hell of an organic sauce.If you enjoy a vinegar base sauce with some real citus taste,you will like these Overall i liked the flavor that it added to my food.

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