If you have tried our hot sauces you know we strive to use the best and most flavorful ingredients around. We have been working with the NON-GMO project to get a new line our our hot sauce non gmo verified.  Scroll to the bottom to see our new line that are almost ready for sale. Also read more about GMO’s so you can understand why we chose this route.


What are GMOs?

  • GMOs, or “genetically customized organisms,” are plants or pets that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or various other plants and animals. These speculative combinations of genetics from different types can not take place in nature or in conventional crossbreeding.
  • Virtually all commercial GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of weed killer and/or to generate a pesticide. Regardless of biotech market guarantees, none of the GMO characteristics currently on the marketplace deal boosted yield, dry spell endurance, improved nourishment, or other customer advantage.

At the same time, an increasing physical body of proof hooks up GMOs with health problems, ecological damages and infraction of farmers’ and consumers’ civil liberties.

Are GMOs risk-free?

  • Most established nations do rule out GMOs to be secure. In greater than 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the nations in the European Union, there are considerable limitations or straight-out bans on the production and sales of GMOs. In america, the federal government has accepted GMOs based upon researches carried out by the exact same firms that produced them and make money from their sales. Significantly, Americans are taking issues into their own hands and preferring to pull out of the GMO experiment.

Are GMOs identified?

  • Regrettably, although polls constantly reveal that a considerable bulk of Americans wish to know if the meals they’re acquiring consists of GMOs, the highly effective biotech lobby has prospered in keeping this information from the general public. In the absence of necessary classifying, the Non-GMO Job was made to provide customers the educated choice they are worthy of.

Where does the Non-GMO Job can be found in?

  • The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit company with an objective of safeguarding the non-GMO food supply and providing consumers a knowledgeable option. We provide North America’s ONLY 3rd party verification for products created according to extensive finest methods for GMO avoidance (for more information, click on this link). Our strategy is to equip consumers to make change with the marketplace. If folks stop purchasing GMOs, business will quit utilizing them and farmers will certainly stop growing them.

Do Americans desire non-GMO meals and supplements?

  • Surveys constantly show that a considerable majority of North Americans would like to be able to inform if the meals they’re buying contains GMOs (a 2012 Mellman Team poll discovered that 91 % of American customers really wanted GMOs classified). And, according to a current CBS/New York Times survey, 53 % of customers stated they would not buy food that has actually been genetically changed. The Non-GMO Project’s seal for verified products will, for the initial time, give the public a possibility to make a knowledgeable choice when it involves GMOs.

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