Vermont Crafted – Old Coy Dog

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Very HOT-2012 HOT PEPPER AWARDS 1ST PLACE WINNER IN THE “SUPERHOTS” CATEGORY-made with organic pickled bhut jolokia peppers. A Louisiana style  sauce crafted with fresh red bell peppers, fresh onions and garlic. Organic lime juice and a tinge of organic limeade give this blend a very addictive tang…The burn hits you right away and has a solid afterglow. NO EXTRACTS!!! Just American grown Ghost Peppers!!!

16 people reviewed “Vermont Crafted – Old Coy Dog

  1. I’m crushing hard on your hot sauce. After getting hooked on Local Tang, I decided to take the next step in my Benito’s relationship and try Old Coy Dog. It had a love affair with my Phở. More of a stinging-heat on the tongue from the Bhut, vs the sparkly heat from the Fatali in Local Tang, and it was perfect for the soup. Insert hearts-as-eyes emoji.

  2. A friend just gave me two of Benito’s flavors to try, I keep some plastic spoons in my desk for just the occasion. I have to say my first impression is quality. You can taste the fresh citrus of the lime right out the gate. The wonderful flavor and spice of the peppers rings clear. The other veggies bring a fantastic blend, even the carrot is detectable as well as adding an robust color to this product. Well done my friend.

  3. I bought some Old Coy Dog at last year’s New England brewfest. I love the nice pepper flavor and the almost indiscernible vinegar. It’s become my favorite sauce that I keep at work and I look forward to picking up a some more at this year’s brewfest so I can have some at home too. I would like to see the bottles come with the little plastic insert that limits the flow so I can disperse it around my food more easily.

  4. This is hands down one of the best sauces I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted quite a few in my life!). The only complaint I have is that this stuff only comes in 5oz bottles.


    Regards from sunny southern California!


  5. This is one of the best hot sauces I’ve had! Great product….I live in NC, so I’m glad Benito’s got a website so I can order more. 🙂

  6. Wow, Carl, I dig the hot too, but if this isn’t hot enough for you, you should probably consider mace! LOL!

  7. Got 2 bottles of this last year at the Valley Forge Beer Festival. Sadly, I’ve run out. Hopefully, they’ll be there again this year!

  8. I consider myself a connoisseur of hot peppers & sauces;. I have reached the plateau where nothing is “HOT” any more; however this sauce does have a kick. I really think that it is a great product, with tastes that are appealing and not “angry”. Even though I don’t find it “HOT” I enjoyed every once of it. It was given to me by a person who vacationed in Vermont, and brought it back, knowing I love “HOT”. I am ordering more of this and others that are made by BENITO’S.
    Hey BENITO, make me a “HOT” one
    Carl, N.J. (originally N.Y.)

  9. Bought a bottle of this amazing hot sauce at the 2012 VT Brewers Festival. I’m putting this on almost everything! I love how this sauce is about flavor and heat, not just heat and insanity like some other companies do. I think this sauce would go perfectly on buffalo wings…since I live in Rochester NY you can never get enough wings. Well done Benito’s, well done!

  10. If you any where near South Jersey, there is a store in the Berlin Farmers Market called Spices and Stuff. They just recently starting selling Benitos.

  11. Hi Lydia,

    We will be selling the hot sauce at the Great International Beer Expo at the Meadowlands exposition center in Seacaucus, NJ this Saturday the 4th of Feb!Thanks for your interest. – Ol’ Benito

  12. I live in NJ – a friend of mine brought this back for herself from VT and ended up giving it to me because I would put it on everything. Now, at the end of my bottle, I’m looking for more. The majority of it goes into ketchup for an awesome kick with eggs or fries. Best hot sauce I’ve had.

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