Poto Rojo

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HOT!!! Attention Chile Heads!!! This is our hottest sauce to date! It is made with Carolina Reaper Chile Peppers (World’s Hottest According to the Guinness Book of World Records 2014). I chose to blend the reapers with certified organic California blood orange juice, fresh onions, carrots and sweet peppers. The result is a three second burst of flavor backed up by a steadily escalating heat. No, it’s not a one drop extract sauce…but it’s hot as hell to say the least! Enjoy!

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    I am from the Caribbean and have always been skeptical of American hot sauces; especially ones from the North, haha.

    But this one is so good!

    My favourite kind of American hot sauce to date.

    So many flavours!

    And it is a good kind of hot!

    *Not For Those Who Have Low Heat Tolerance*

  2. I tried this sauce, Poto Rojo, after picking up a bottle at the Farmer’s Market. I liked it alot (really), it’s got a very good flavor. But…I wouldn’t say it’s hot. I wound up putting half the bottle on my salmon, to get it anywhere near spicy. (Full disclosure, I usually use Dave’s Ghost Pepper sauce). I really think you need to increase the amount of Carolina Reaper in the sauce, you must be using a very low %.

  3. Just picked up a bottle of this today. This sauce is AMAZING! A sweet and sour kind of flavor that’s backed up with enough heat to make me sweat.

    If you like hot sauce that’s actually freakin’ hot, try this one.

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