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VT PEPPER- Review of Benito’s Naranja

Re: BENITO’S HOT SAUCE… « Reply #6 on Dec 14, 2008, 5:12pm »   This image is reduced by 32%, click it to view full size. Benito’s NaranjaIngredients: Organic cayenne peppers Organic habanero peppers Organic onions Organic carrots Organic garlic Organic distilled white vinegar Organic lime juice(Organic Love) Ok this sauce well words cannot describe…

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Mario Fatali’s (Yellow Scotch Bonnet Type)

A yellow habanero type. Looks almost like a cross between a habanero and a jolokia. These peppers truly are lethal. The heat is immediate, unbearable, and long lasting. We will continue to grow these bad boys in years to come. Let it be known that these guys are best used in their fresh form. Drying…

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Rat Turds (Pimiento Strain)

During the Summer of 2008 we experimented with a new strain at Central Farms. Rat turds as they are nicknamed have small orange tic tac looking pods. They pack a lot of heat fresh or dried.  [

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Habanero Peppers

      For a very long time, habanero peppers were thought to be the hottest peppers on Earth. Habaneros range from about 100,000 to 500,000 on the Scoville heat index. Orange habaneros are the most common variety, and are usually available at your local grocer when they are in season. When you bite into a freshly…

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