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  1. I found your Vermont Maple Chipotle Rub in my cupboard with just a little bit left in the jar. I have used it to a homemade rub that I make for pulled pork.

    The tomato soup recipe I was making called for using a TBS of maple sugar, which I did not have. I put in a TBS of your rub and the soup was so amazing! I’ll be calling you this morning to order more. Wow = what a nice kick it added to my soup, and as the previous review stated, heat without sacrificing flavor. Thanks!!

  2. I was in Burlington for a wedding this past summer. While I was there, my fiancee and I stumbled upon the farmers market and I decided to check out your tent. This was in late June and I’ve already had to order more bottles twice all the way down in DC (and I got a lot of variety). Your sauce is amazing, I especially love your Poto Rojo. I love lots of heat, but not at the expense of flavor. That’s why I love your stuff – definitely no sacrifice in flavor just for the sake of spice.

    I just wanted to say keep doing what you do.

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