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VT PEPPER- Review of Benito’s Naranja

« Reply #6 on Dec 14, 2008, 5:12pm »

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Benito’s NaranjaIngredients:
Organic cayenne peppers
Organic habanero peppers
Organic onions
Organic carrots
Organic garlic
Organic distilled white vinegar
Organic lime juice(Organic Love)

Ok this sauce well words cannot describe the party in my mouth when I tried this sauce. This sauce was so good I tossed the bottle of my own sauce in the trash so I could focus on this one. The heat level is perfect and this sauce seems to pair well with everything. I have had it on pizza, spaghetti, grilled cheese, taco’s, mac and cheese, and a few others till the bottle went dry 6 days after I got it. The smell of this sauce is beautiful and strangely I find myself opening it just to take a sniff every time I walk by it. The sauce is thin enough to pour out and thick enough to stick to what you poured it on. As silly as it sounds a better sauce I have never had. My hats of to these guys as they make the best sauce I have ever had. I was even lucky enough to have a surprise bag of orange habanero flakes in the box (wish I had asked what they were first) they have a great flavor and the heat level of a M1A2 Abrams tank. Thats were the wished I asked first part came from. I have been sprinkling these on everything even goes great on oatmeal who would have thunked.
Just thought I should add this to the post. Thanks for such a great product.


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