We Won “The Hot Zone Online Takes Hot Sauce on a World Tour”

Hot Zone LogoThanks to the support of our fans from near and far, we have recently won “The Hot Zone Online Takes Hot Sauce on a World Tour” competition hosted by thehotzoneonline.com.


Benito’s Hot Sauce along with five other American hot sauce companies were nominated for the competition through input from the Chile Heads Facebook forum and other spicy food groups and pepperhead connoisseurs. After two weeks of intense competition in which the lead changed hands several times, over three hundred votes were collected and Benito’s Hot Sauce emerged as the winner!


Joe and Linda Levinson, founders of the blog, will be taking a bottle of the Original Naranja and The Old Coy Dog to Europe with them this summer to share some local homemade Vermont flavor with folks they meet throughout their travels.  They will also be snapping some pics of the products next to famous European landscapes and monuments.


I’d like to once again extend an enormous thank you to all those who voted and to all those who have joined us on this exhilarating ride since the beginning! I appreciate your support! – Ol’ Benito

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