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Original Naranja




MEDIUM HEAT-WINNER 2010 HOT PEPPER AWARDS (Carrot based hot sauce category)…Made with organic orange habaneros (Foote Brook Farm- Johnson, VT), fresh red peppers, garlic, carrots and white onions. A uniquely satisfying habanero hot sauce with an extra fresh taste.

It can also be used as an extract or chili base. The Naranja is fantastic on fish, poultry, pork and beef. Try it on tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, egg sandwiches, burritos, chimichangas, or enchiladas. It’s even great cold on sushi or drizzled on top of a bowl of popcorn…Enjoy! – Ol’ Benito


  1. Andrew

    it takes place only once in a week where all the farmers bring their prcudoe and sell it directly to the people without any brokers. I used to go there every week and I loved to go there. I like that fresh smell of all the vegetables and fruits. Of course we don’t get coffee there LOL. But all the other things which you have mentioned here. I can imagine the market as how wonderful it looks with all those different colors around. And if the weather is warm it is like a icing on the cake! You said they also give you the tips on growing citrus and also cooking varieties out of them that is really nice. I would love to go to such a market if it was here where I live.Regards, Michael McLaughlin, Cary real estate

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    […] For an extra kick, add a finely chopped jalepeño, or a few drops of Benito’s Hot Sauce, Original Naranja flavor.  […]

  3. John

    Absolutely amazing sauce, not hot with a sweet and wonderfully fresh taste. The heat level on this is very decidedly medium as the sign in the description reads. I’ve used this sauce on everything from hamburgers to hotdogs and tortillas and even used it as a base in some wing sauce. It goes with anything I’ve tried it on so far. This is my new go-to condiment for burgers and chicken! The only down side is the bottle goes empty eventually which leaves me sad and wanting more. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me! Thank you Benito!

  4. Karry Booska

    I absolutely LOVE Benito’s original hot sauce! I put it on everything, and I mean everything! My only complaint is that I would love to buy a bigger bottle of it!!

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