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Joe’s #1 Jalatillo




MEDIUM HEAT- A vibrant organic experience made from organic Vermont grown organic jalapenos (Maple Wind Farm-Huntington, VT), fresh tomatillos, organic garlic and lime juice. It’s a smooth citrus blend.

Benito has achieved the quintessential balance of fire and flavor in Joe’s #1 Jalatillo. The Jalatillo is  the ultimate compliment to any meal. Try it on everything from crackers to breakfast tacos to beans and rice, fish, shellfish or chicken.…Enjoy! – Ol’ Benito


  1. Dirt Pickles

    This is my go to sauce. It has just a little heat, a little sweet, and a ton of flavor. I put it on pretty much everything. Tacos, chicken, cereal, fish, nachos, egg sammiches, ice cream, roast pork, beans and rice, drizzled on southwestern salads, spice up some chicken soup.

    Ya know, it really goes with everything, and is highly recommended. Get some!

  2. Abby Deniken

    This hot sauce is awesome with chicken nachos! shredded chicken, cheese, and oily nachos topped off with Joe’s #1 Jalapa Sauce mmmmmm also good to add to any mexican type food for a little kick 😛

  3. Benito

    Hi Molly,

    All of our hot sauces are cooked and bottled at 190 degrees so that they are shelf stable. We do not make any uncooked or fermented sauces. Thanks for your interest. – Ol’ Benito

  4. molly


    Are all of your hot sauces cooked/roasted? Or do you have a ‘blend to bottle’ kind of hot sauce which?

  5. Christy Hind

    My husband and I picked this up at the farmer’s market in Smuggler’s Notch last June, but it only lasted 1 1/2 days – he gobbled it up with chips. Now, for Christmas, all he’s asked for a kindle fire and this hot sauce – that should tell you how good it is.

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