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Local Tang




HOT! 1st Place Winner at the 2013 Hot Pepper Awards in NYC!!!  The local Tang is a fresh blend of fatali, habanero, and paper lantern peppers (UVM Catamount Farm- South Burlington, VT). I also add fresh onions , garlic and carrots to give this 3 chile blend a solid amount of death. This sauce is highly addictive! It has a sensational fresh vegetable flavor without the sodium, gums and starches of course!

(5 ounce bottle)



  1. Emily Saperia

    I purchased Local Tang at my nearby Whole Foods to give it a go, and now I’m addicted. It’s super tasty and has what I consider an ideal hot sauce consistency (nice and thick, not runny), but the heat is also tingly. Like adding culinary glitter to my meal.

  2. Philip Harter

    I sampled many hot sauces at the Vermont Cheese Festival a couple of years ago and kept coming back to Local Tang. It hit the magic “Goldilocks” point for me: As the name indicates, it has nice tang, a mild heat. It also has a rich flavor. It is my “go to” sauce for eggs, shrimp, soups, well, anything I want to have a bit o tang. Since I am in Atlanta for the winter, I have been looking for something to take its place. Nope, couldn’t find it. So, here I am on the web ordering my stash.

  3. Seth Zuckerman

    My family and I travel to Smugglers Notch VT every summer and we always look forward to the hot sauce stands. I tried Benitos for the first time in 2011, it was the habanero sauce and it was amazing! Every summer since, we come to your stand and purchase different sauces to bring home. Unfortunately, we will not be coming Smuggs this year, so I am currently going through your products list to buy more of your delicious sauces!

  4. Jill Rizley

    My favorite!!! My favorite to put on eggs or pizza! Not too spicy, but has just the right amount of heat to really kick foods up a notch. I would DEFINITELY reccomend this!!

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