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White Hot




HOT-2013 HOT PEPPER AWARDS WINNER – A fresh taste that packs extreme heat! (AKA:”The Guido Killer”) A favorite at county fairs and brewers’ festivals. This sauce is an addictive garlicky habanero blend. Made with organic bhut jolokias,  organic ginger,organic lime juice, fresh onions and garlic.A simple all natural blend of onions, habaneros, lime juice and vinegar. Great as a stir fry sauce, steak sauce, as a chili base or on sweet potato fries….Enjoy! – Ol’ Benito


  1. BGD

    Bought this last summer while passing through to PEI. I am a fan of heat in foods, but I wouldn’t claim to be a hard core chili head.
    – VERY good flavor!!! I am not at all sorry I bought this sauce. The taste of the sauces creator and myself are very similar, and the balance of lime, onion and garlic (I really love garlic) hits the spot for me.

    Bottom line:

    This is a great flavored “slather” sauce. Do NOT be put off by the name. Try some and I think you’ll enjoy it hype free.

  2. Jack

    Jeremy T / You just need to make sure that everything is stleire. This means boiling your jars and gaskets for 8 minutes first. (Brewing supply stores also sell no-rinse one-step sanitizers that will also do the trick.) When canning, bring your sauce to a boil and immediately transfer them to the hot jars. It’s best to keep the jars in the hot water, remove them, shake the excess water off and then add your hot liquid. Placing hot liquid in a cold jar can cause it to break or shatter. Then just close the jar and let it come to room temperature. As it cools it will automatically create a vacuum seal. Keep your goods in a dark place light can make them spoil quicker. Traditionally alum is used as a preservative for canning vegetables, but I would refrain from adding it to a sauce.

  3. James

    Tried this at the Vermont Brewers festival in July, I bough a variety of Benito’s sauces while I was there, but this was so good I knew I needed to have 2 bottles. This stuff is hot enough to leave burns and tasty enough to leave you wanting more. I’ve had well over 100 varieties in my cupboard at some time or another – this is some of the best out there!

  4. Greg Johnston

    Bought this and some other Benito’s products at the BeerConn in Bridgeport. Don’t let the ghost peppers scare you. This sauce is awesome! I love the ginger flavor with a kick. It is forcing me to order more online. Great job guys!

  5. Joe Day

    A friend just gave me a couple of these sauces to try, and I must say I am impressed. I love the flavor combo of garlic and ginger. I have a spoonful rolling around my mouth right now, and my imagination is running wild with all the flavor combos for this one. In a word, Craftsmanship. This stuff would make a corn dog taste like gourmet cuisine,… nothing against corn dogs.

  6. Michael

    A co-worker brought in a bottle today. A great blend of peppers, garlic and ginger. While relatively mild (this is one I consider hot, excellent sauce btw Daves Insanity Ghost Pepper), the “White Hot” sauce is delicious and I will be ordering it and a few others from Benito’s when I get home.

  7. Jim

    I just bought a bottle about 3 hours and already used a quarter of the bottle on wheat thins. This sauce is one of the freshest sauces I have purchased, and I own over 40 hot sauces. This sauce has a great taste between the habeneros and the vinegar. As far as heat goes its not a very hot sauce maybe a 3 of a scale of 1 to 10. I would highly recommend this product and I am excited to try out a few of there other sauces.

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